Inner Glow Circle presents...

Get Real on Race:

A Roundtable on Diversity and Inclusion in the Personal Development Industry

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Tuesday, March 7th

7:00 PM EST

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This special event will bring together influential women from across the personal development sector in a conversation about the impact of race in the coaching industry, including:

Katie DePaola

Founder and CEO, Inner Glow Circle

Amy Tatsumi

Guide, Teacher, Healer, Therapist

Sonya Wallace

Diversity and Inclusion Coach

Melaina Spitzer 

Founder and Chief Transformation Officer, Inner Peacebuilding

Alicia Robinson

Social Justice Empowerment Coach

Shayna Hammond

Founder and CEO, Teach2Lead

Jess Lyons

Founder of SoulSpeak and Life Coach

Jennifer Bradshaw 

Celestial Guide & Energy Healer

Natalie Orozco

Spiritual Empowerment Coach

Olivia Chapman

IGC's Executive Director of Training

Danielle Waldman

Personal Development and Empowerment Coach

Inner Glow Circle was founded to bring women of diverse backgrounds together in a safe, sacred space to do the work of personal development. IGC recognizes the limitations that currently exist in the personal development space with regard to promoting conversations, experiences and environments that are inclusive of varied backgrounds and has vowed to make 2017 the year we place intentionality on the intersectionality of women’s empowerment.

IGC’s Get Real Roundtable will bring together women from across the personal development sector in a conversation about the impact of race in the coaching industry. Participants will be asked to share personal insights on topics like how to establish safe spaces where people of color and others can enjoy equitable co-existence in the coaching industry, the unique support needs of coaches of color, and what is generally missing from the industry that will support diversity and inclusion. We will also touch on diversity in sexual identity, religion and experience.

Together, we'll ask the tough questions. 

+ How important is it to focus on diversity and inclusion in the women’s personal development industry? 

+ What messages are we unknowingly sending through our marketing? Are we confirming or challenging industry biases, such as that life coaching is only accessible to groups with more privilege? 

+ Inside of coach training, personal and professional development, how do we create safe spaces for women of varied class, ability, nationality, religion or race? 

+ What responsibility do female coaches supporting other women have in understanding how systemic and social injustice occur in all aspects of a woman’s life? 

Join us for this and more on March 7th, 2017 at 7 pm EST.